1. Choose the suitable option for you
- album for you, and a copy for your parents, grandparents,
whoever you wish!

2. The color of the cover? I have a variety of beautiful covers:

*Hand woven Linien with an uneven fabric texture,
*Smooth Linien (smooth to touch)
*Velvet - wonderfully soft, yet hard-wearing texture
poliester fabric. A great animal friendly alternative.

3. With a box? Eco or Premium (The same color as the album)?

4. Add embossing/a stamp on the cover with your names.

5. If you like, add more pages to the album, it's 7€ per 2 pages.

6. You can choose the photos for the album
from your gallery. I design the album for you
and send you the project. You have 3 rounds of changes.

7. It's time for me to do the magic.
Soon you’ll get the package with your Albums!
1 Album 25cmx25cm (11.82''x11.82'') 40 pages 400€

2 Albums 25cmx25cm (11.82''x11.82'') 40 pages 650€

3 Albums 25cmx25cm (11.82''x11.82'') 40 pages 900€

***More pages (7€ per 2 pages)

Eco Boxes
1 Eco Box 55€
2 Eco Boxe 75€
3 Eco Boxes 95€

Premium Boxes (The same color as your album!)
1 Premium Linien Box 95€
2 Premium Linien Boxes 150€
3 Premium Linien Boxes 230€

Shipping starts with:
Europe 25€, USA 35€, Australia 40€ (for one album).
*The prices don't include 19%tax.

The offer if valid till the end of December 2021.
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