Hello! I’m Paulina.
My photography adventure began in a small room of a Photography School where I started attending photography lectures. I don’t remember how I have found this school (or maybe it has found me?) but I felt from the very beginning that this is my great passion and that it has changed my life completely.
Following this love I spent all my free time to develop my skills mainly shooting on film. I have been documenting fashion shows’ backstage and taking portraits of new faces in model agencies. I have been lucky enough to have my pictures published in Elle, models.com and Malemodelscene.
After coming to Crete, with economy degree under my belt, I decided to set up my company and apart from putting my heart and soul into my work, to maintain a professional atmosphere for my clients as well as their families.
I feel blessed to get to work with such wonderful people each day! In my free time, I love to travel with my most beloved persons. I love coffee, flowers, mountains, forests and wooden tables. I believe that less is more.
I’m always looking forward to meeting my couple and listen to their story!
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